You Have to Start Somewhere

Facebook post, November 9, 2016, 6:45 am

These are the messages that inspired me this morning
and also brought me to tears.

Make angry art.
Protect the children.
We must be civil, but we must also be bold.
“The arc of history is long and bends towards justice” – take heart and work even harder.

Go ahead and weep…for as long as you need to. I certainly am.
But then,
when you can,
do what you can.

Show by your actions, your words, your support, your presence
that we are strong.
That we are not done.
That we do not give up.
That we do not abandon those who are Muslim, immigrants, LGBT, disabled, people of color,
or any other human being.

Show by your actions, your words, your support, your presence,
and your understanding
that we also remember and will not abandon those whose jobs have evaporated,
who work and work and work
with little return,
and who feel left out and left behind.

We have been blessed with peace
and with wars that require little personal sacrifice,
except from a few brave souls
and their families.
Now is the time to show
our mettle,
to show what we are made of.

Do what you can,
when you can.
And make this slogan come true:
Love trumps hate.